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Dangerous Diseases Caused by Sleeping With Wavy Hair. Do not do this anymore!

Is it bad to bathe with wet hair? Our mothers have always told us that it is not good to go to bed with wet hair because we can get cold or pneumonia. But is this true? That’s not true, however, if you sleep right away after you shower and do not dry your hair can be a bad decision anyway. That’s why:

First of all, we should consider the fact that moisture stays very long on the hair and can cause irritation of the scalp and the scalp sensation. Why it is not recommended to stay with a towel in the head for a long time. We list some other disadvantages when going to bed with wet hair:

1. Headaches

If you sleep with wet hair you will face severe headaches. This is because while you sleep, your body temperature increases. As the body warms up, the moisture accumulated on the towel can cause headaches.

2. Hair bite

Wet hair tends to crack too often. It would not be a good idea to sleep with wet hair

3. Clinging hair

If you decide to sleep with wet hair you can finish the next morning with the hair attached to the head.

4. Infection

Pillows are the ideal place for bacteria because they absorb sweat, dead cells, and body oils. If you sleep with wet hair you will make your pillow a nest for the development of bacteria.

5. Cracking

Sleeping with wet hair can cause various types of itching and this is due to the moisture that is formed in your head.

6. Muscle pain

Unexpected temperature changes can not only cause muscle pain, but can also lead to severe pain and facial paralysis. This ultimately can lead to paralysis of the entire body and cause death.

7. Dust

If you sleep with wet hair can change the scalp’s pH. As a result, your hair will be dull or excessive.


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