Home Health Vitamin C can not protect from flu, but you can cut it

Vitamin C can not protect from flu, but you can cut it


The recommended dose is 90 milligrams for men and 75 milligrams of vitamin C for women, whereas this vitamin supplements are not allowed to stay in the bathroom or kitchen, because they are not equally effective.

Vitamin C has no effect on strengthening immunity to the extent that can block the creation of cooling, but there is evidence that as the high doses of vitamin C can shorten its duration, revealed the study of the National Center Australian epidemiology, which It looked at 30 separate studies on the impact of this vitamin in immunity, which included 10,000 people.

People who take supplements every day of a gram of vitamin C at the same percentage suffer from colds, as well as those not taking vitamin supplements that broadcasts Koha.net. However, those who take the shortest stay doubly sick, wrote San Francisco Chronicle.

Our body uses vitamin C to strengthen bones, cartilage and muscles, but also helps to better absorption of iron. Experts recommend consumption of 90 milligrams of vitamin C per day for men and 75 milligrams for women. If you take supplements of this vitamin, should not keep in the bathroom or kitchen, for conservation in areas where the air humidity is high, it weakens its action.

Citrus, green vegetables, strawberries and cantaloupe are good sources of vitamin C, but the best way to increase consumption of that vitamin in the body is to eat fruits and vegetables raw, scientists advise.


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