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6 Ways to Avoid Sweating In Your Feet


6 Ways to Avoid Sweating In Your Feet

Do you feel sorry to remove your shoes because you have a bad smell from sweating ?!

Excessive sweating may be inadequate most of the time, but when you sweat it all the time as a result of heat, it can become very difficult. We believe that none of you would want to go somewhere with sweaty feet and adjusted pedicures, right?

But pediatrician Dina Gohil explains that there is a real reason that your feet are sweating. The higher concentration of sweat glands can focus on our feet, she points out. The natural purpose of sweat glands is to provide moisture to the skin that evaporates to help us cool. It is our body’s way of regulating body temperature.

So this may have a purpose but that does not mean it was irritating and occasionally embarrassing. So, Dina has shared some simple ways to prevent a sweaty scenario.

Invest in leather shoes

Of course, such shoes may be probably more expensive and cost you a lot but your feet will thank you for staying cool and dry. Dina explains that skin is a flexible material that allows the air to breathe while not allowing sweating.

Change your shoes more often
We know that sometimes you can get stuck with a pair of shoes because you are very comfortable, but the frequent wearing of the same shoe does not allow you to have air inside, so it is good to change them occasionally.

Are your shoes in the right size? If your shoes are too tight, do not let them squeeze too much because you miss out on the fit, so order the right shoe size.

Wear seasonal socks
There is no reason to wear thick socks in the middle of the summer season. So your legs will be very warm. Make sure you wear suitable socks for the environment and weather, but also the activity you are in.

Use a deodorant for foot
This may not sound so fascinating, but it can make a real difference and effect the fragrance of your feet. If you do not have a legged part, you can rub a little alcohol and a cotton cloth and freshen your feet by disinfecting and keeping it fresh.

Stay Hydrated
This can be very simple to practice. Drinking enough water is a great way to reduce the likelihood of perspiration. When your body is completely moisturized, it is easier to adjust the body temperature, so it is less likely to sweat, explains the pediatrician in question.


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