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Popular prescriptions to cure urinary tract infections and kidneys


Here’s how to escape from kidney stones and urinary infections with some 100% natural ways

All people are at risk, especially women, to be affected by urinary tract infections. The most endangered are patients with congenital kidney abnormalities, those with stones in the urinary tract, urinary tract abnormalities, very twisted urethra. Patients with gynecological problems such as: genital infections, low immune persons and diabetics in catheter surgery, paralyzed persons, those who do not carry personal hygiene. Urinary infections begin with our urinary tracts that consist of: kidneys, ureter (urinary channels), urinary bladder and urethra. Urine infections are very common and occupy the second place after those of the respiratory tract. Women have higher risk than men because the urethra is closer to the anus.

Natural cure for urinary tract infections

According to the Rutgers University of New Jersey, the consumption of a cranberry cup daily decreases with 60% the risk of urinary tract infection.

This is because the blueberry contains a chemical called tannins that keeps control of the problem that causes the bacteria in the urinary bladder.

If you have burns during urination, you may have been infected with urinary bladder. These infections are also called urinary tract infections that cause bacteria that grow in the bladder or urinary canal. These infections can be very serious and disturbing

What to do in these cases

– Consume more water

Add the amount of water you consume. Juices help you to remove bacteria from the bladder.

Red cranberry juice

It has long been argued that red cranberry juice helps against bladder infections. This fluid helps you clean bacteria from the urinary tract


Probiotics are good bacteria that help fight the bad bacteria that cause UTI, says Kandis Rivers, an urologist at Henry Ford’s Detroit Hospital.

Baking soda

If you have pain or burns during urination, consume a spoonful of coffee sod with water.

Reduce the use of irritants

Caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, nicotine, gas drinks, and artificial sweeteners can irritate the urinary bladder and make it even harder to heal. Focus on healthy foods such as high carbohydrate fiber and healthy fats such as avocado or olive oil that help you digest.

The apple juice

Those suffering from UTI may use apple vinegar as natural antibiotics to treat the infection.

Tips on how to prevent urinary tract infections

– Everyone is required to have a personal hygiene as best as possible.
– Do not hold the urine, but empty the bladder every time you feel the need to urinate.
– Drink as much juices without gas.
– Do not drink alcohol.
– To cure other infection sites wherever it may be: broken teeth, throat, ear, nose and respiratory infections.
– Fight and treat other beneficial diseases such as: arterial hypertension, diabetes.
– Pregnant women should undergo frequent urinalysis tests and are not able to move.


Here’s how to escape from kidney stones with a 100% natural way:

Mix 4 lemons in 2 liters of water and drink frequently.

Lemon is very rich in citrates, which help in the fight against kidney stones. Researchers say you can add a little honey to this blend.

Miracle for cleansing the kidneys

If you have any kidney problems, urinary tract or urinary bladder we now bring you a drink that will solve the problem

Kidneys are vital organ in our bodies. They filter 200 liters of blood per day and do not allow toxins to enter our body.

The biggest kidney adversaries are animal proteins, sparkling beverages, GMO products, artificial sweeteners, caffeine and cigarettes.

To clean the kidneys you should consume high-volume water.

To make a drink that removes kidney problems you need:

– 1 stone

– 1 Banana

– half a lemon juice

– ½ cups of nuts

– ½ luge parsley

– 1 cup of water

Method of preparation:

All the above ingredients put into a blender and mix. You should press the lemon before you put it into the blender.

Consume this drink every morning.


Broccoli cures urinary tract infections

Broccoli is not often found on our tables because we do not have enough knowledge about it. However, it is good to consume this type of vegetable more often because it is very nutritious and that its preparation is very easy. Broccoli can be very effective in the problems that occur to most females, but also to males. Broccoli has been shown to be very effective in preventing urinary tract inflammation. This disease is commonly reported to women, and some of them are taught to live with this problem. Doctors say that women who have urinary problems should eat 200 to 300 grams of broccoli. Broccoli contains glucinolate, which is a secondary herbal composition that destroys bacteria in the urinary bladder.

Vitamin “B6” fights infections

The role of vitamin B6 is to produce proteins, to liberate reserved glucose. All of these processes in the body are necessary for growth, blood formation and protection against infections. The more protein foods to be used, the more vitamin B6 is needed. In general, lack of this vitamin has on those people who use medicines against rheumatism, tuberculosis or high blood pressure. Symptoms are wounds in the mouth, depression, irritation, eczema, and sometimes gingivitis of a nerve that causes pain. In natural form, vitamin B6 is found in cereals, bananas, potatoes, turkey, fish, hazelnuts, nuts, vegetables and cauliflower vegetables.

Consume the required amount of water
One day a week consume more water than usual. One day in a month try not to consume any water. Occasionally instead of the coffee that harms you, drink warm water. Always keep the same amount of water you drink, in order to give your body water every once in a while. It is best not to drink water right away, but little by little, with small breaks. Also, three times a week, drink juicy fruit juices such as lemon juice, orange juice, peaches, grapes, carrots, etc.

Mandarin fights urinary infections
It seems to be one of the favorite citrus ages of ancient Greeks, as the fruit itself is very sweet and has a lot of juice in its composition. Even centuries ago there was a theory that mandarin helps to combat infection. The theory that is still in the present, even the oldest, squeezes this fruit and places it in the infection site.

Grapes eliminate
white or red kidney stones does not matter much. What doctors recommend to us is the consumption of at least a quarter kilogram of grapes a day by all persons regardless of age. Grapes purifies the kidneys, helps eliminate small stones, cleanses the liver in the liver and stabilizes the heartbeats.

Pear prevents infections 
The rocks of pear fruits have diuretic properties and positively affect the cleansing of the kidneys and urinary tract. To this end, tea is prepared as follows. Take 40-50 grams of poppy seeds, pour into 250 ml of water. These boil for 20 minutes and the juice gets warm, in the morning snout, for 7-10 days. Pear leaves have good diuretic properties and antiseptics and are used against urinary tract diseases, in the cystitis, in the kidney stones, in the urinary bladder teeth, and so on. In these cases leaf infusion is recommended. Take 20-25 grams of poppy leaves and dive into a container with 250 ml of boiling water. Leave it there for 10 minutes and the juice is cooked an hour before meals. This is repeated 2-3 times a day, while the coupon is recommended for 10-15 days. Pear fruits are used in fresh condition at the time of natural baking, stored in the fridge and processed in the form of jams, canned compote or dried. Pears contain mineral salts such as potassium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, etc. 4-5 percent sugar, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, carotene, organic acids, etc. They are refreshing, soothing, suppressing thirst, cleansing the intestines, and energizing. While they are unripe, they do not easily digest and stay severely in the stomach.

Roast tea removes urinary tract infections The
tea obtained from the dill plant has given excellent results in the melting of kidney stones. Popular doctors recommend drinking two to three glassy glasses and soon the sick will see the results. The plant not only affects the kidney, but also the urinary tract and causes frequent urination, helping to clear the organism from the urethra through urination. To cure the disease, serve dill seeds, 1 tablespoon of cabbage and clove. Ten grams of this mixture are thrown into 350 milligrams of hot water. Afterwards, it is recommended to drink two to three cups a day.

The apple cleanses the urinary tract The
positive effects of this fruit are undeniable. Even in ancient times, the necessity of the organism for red and green apples has been noticed. This fruit purifies the kidneys, cures the disorders in the digestive tract. And the use of green apples makes it possible to reduce weight, for all fanatics of aesthetic appearance.

Urinary infections in men and prostate
There are few men who suffer from prostate cancer. Especially the men who passed the 40s. Everything seems to start with frequent urination, the cause of which many men accuse any refrigeration or think they have been drinking a lot of fluids. Then the pain begins to spread and on the back, and more and more it is thought that we are dealing with a cold. If I love others, they do not suffer from this problem, and why they can be cool and, worse, this lasts longer than normal cooling.

Are kidney kidneys damaged by urinary infection? 
Urinary infections in children are relatively common, but fortunately, most children do not have permanent kidney damage, especially if the infection is located in the urinary bladder. Only in a small number comes the permanent damage to the parenchyma. It is important that the child be checked again if there is a recurent infection or if there is something abnormal in the incipient economics.

What to do if you suspect an infection
If your child has symptoms, you should go to your doctor and take a sample of the urine for examination, taken in the prescribed manner, before starting any antibiotic treatment. Even if it is a weekend, urine can be stored in the refrigerator and sent to the clinic Monday morning. Be careful about the appearance of recurrent infections and antibiotics that give your baby. If your child has recurrent infections, then you should go regularly for a visit.


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