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Onion and honey juice, Indian recipes that nourishes hair roots and grows like magic

Even though we are still in the summer, surely the most impatient are thinking now what to ask for Babysit’s, and if you are one of those women who have problems with hair growth you do not have to wait long after Living has the right prescription.

Hair growth has a lot to do with hereditary genes, but the use of a plate, drier, and chemical paint weakens and hampers its growth.

The secret ingredient of the following mask is the red sage fluid rich in sulfur that stimulates the production of collagen, collagen which is a major hair growth factor, as well as antioxidant antioxidants that protect follicles from the action of radicals inexpensive.

Dermatologists have discovered that the use of this fluid reduces hair loss by up to 87% while there is no negaitv or side effect for hair and scalp. It also prevents drying and improves their quality.

Recipe: Squeeze four red onions, add a spoonful of honey and mix well. Then massage your head with this content and hold for 30 minutes. If it does not bother you, you can keep it for about an hour. After this procedure, wash your hair normally. It is recommended that you repeat it twice a week


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