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Lose Weight Quickly

How to lose weight quickly

Lose Weight, Simple 8 steps which will give results with in 20 to 25 days.

  1. Drinking water.
  2. Drinking vegetable juice with the help of lemon.
  3. Includes Nuts in your daily life.
  4. Say no to Junk food (specially salt or sugar contact food).
  5. Sleep well.
  6. Cut carbohydrates.
  7. Eat slowly.
  8. Simple workout.

Let’s Elaborate one by one to lose weight

  1. Drinking water:

    Drink water at least 4 to 5 litter daily because it clear your stomach, and easy to lose weight fast But one point should be taken care please don’t drink water 30 Min before or after the breakfast, lunch or dinner because it’s react problem with digestion.

    2. Drinking vegetable juice with the help of lemon:
    Drink vegetable juice with the help of lemon lt help to gain energy with out any side effects.

    3. Includes Nuts in your daily life style:

    Ya it’s different according to finical issue but if we consider over health issues we should definitely buy this Nuts.

    4. Say no to Junk food:

    It’s divided Junk food in 2 category:

    1 salts content.

    2. Sugar content.

    Salt content food:

    This are salt content food which creates trouble during digestion some time it digestion some time not when it remains Junk food in your body with results fat in your body.

    2. Sugar content food:

    This are sugar contact food we take lots of energy to digest from your stomach even time it not able to digest as a result it remains Junk in your body.

    5. Sleep well:

    According to scientists every normal human being should sleep at least 7 to 8 hours to keep your brain normal.

    6. Cut carbohydrates:

    Carbohydrates food like chapatti, white rice or white bread which difficult to digestion and Side effects or more.

    7. Eat slowly:

    According to dieticians communication between stomach to brain it required 20 to 25 min to send signed that stomach is full if you complete your food with in 15 to 20 min your undigested food will stored like junk in your body.

    8. Simple exercises:


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