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10 Reasons to Eat Dark Chocolate


In some diets, black chocolate is considered a high-calorie food, so it is excluded from them.

However, this chocolate containing 70% cocoa content can really help human well-being.

Another good detail is the relative amount of magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. But beyond the nutritional value, you do not have to abandon the taste of a piece of chocolate, as there are other good things as well. Here are 10 of them:

Blood Circulation: This chocolate possesses anticoagulant properties, which help to improve blood circulation. So it’s almost like a potion.

Heart Ally: Black chocolate crunch helps reduce bad cholesterol in your blood, blood pressure, and consequently reduces your risk of heart disease in the future.

Cardiovascular Diseases: Especially for women, concoction of 45 grams of black chocolates within a 1 week period reduces the chances of suffering from a cardiovascular disease

Improves viewing: Since it is a food that improves blood circulation to the brain, black chocolate is also effective for blood flow to the retina, thus improving viewing.

Boost saturation: Contains plenty of fiber and therefore lowers the desire to eat other foods. Thus, avoids weight gain.

Increase focus and learning: Always thanks to the blood flow to the brain, it is useful to keep you awake and more active. Black chocolate also facilitates learning.

Diabetes: All to be verified, but because its values ​​increase insulin resistance, black chocolates can help fight diabetes, provided they are consumed in the right amount, without excessive amounts.

Skin Friend: Thanks to the flavonoid, an antioxidant that has the ability to protect the skin from UV rays, chocolate, with 70% cocoa content, is also a good skin ally.

Reduces cough: Among the components of chocolate, is a called theobromine, which acts on the vagus, the cranial nerve causing the cough, lowering it.

Raise morality: This is certainly the “best” one. When a person is in depression, discouraged or stressed, there is nothing better than a black chunk of chocolate to feel better.




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