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8 Ways To Reduce White Hair Naturally

There is no age of graying your hair. Your hair will untimely get gray in any age. the conventional age of graying hair for Asian individuals is middle thirty except for African and Yankee individuals the age of graying hair is middle forty.
White hair comes with the age issue because the hair loses its pigmentation and turns white. However, genetic problems, heredity, health {problem} area unit alternative factors inflicting this problem. obtaining gray hair is sort of embarrassing and discouraging.
Tips to reduce white hair naturally:


1- Black tea: Naturally dye your hair. Take a cup of black tea and add 1 tbsp of salt in it Mix well and apply it to the hair and scalp.It’s for all ages, but especially young people who are only covering a few grays.

2- OnionBefore taking bath, apply onion juice on hair scalp and put it on for about 30 minutes. Rinse your hair accompanied by shampoo.

3- Lime juice and coconut oil: Mix coconut oil and a small amount of Lemon juice together. Apply in your hair and massage your scalp thoroughly with the figure tips.Coconut oil, lemon helps to get rid of Premature graying (young people)

4- Curry leaves, coconut oil: Boil the curry leaves in coconut oil.
Strain out the leaves, then allow the coconut oil to cool down to a temperature that will be comfortable to apply.
Massage the curry coconut oil into your scalp and allow it to sit for up to an hour before washing it out with soap.

5- Ribbed gourd, coconut oil is for all ages, but especially young people

6-Henna, coffee, curd, lemon juice, catechu, Brahmi, Indian gooseberry, mint powder, vinegar. Henna is also known as a Natural Dye. Mix the henna powder with as much coffee powder as desired  Add the curd, lemon juice, catechu, Brahmi, Indian gooseberry, and dry mint powder. Add vinegar until it makes a thick paste. and apply this paste to your hair and scalp. let sit for 2 hours.

7- Henna, coconut oil, curd, Ashikaga, soap nut, Indian gooseberry, lemon juice, vinegar mix all ingredients and make a good paste and apply this to your hair. It’s work as a natural dye.

8- Sesame seeds: Apply soaked sesame seed paste on your hair and then massage to boost melanin and keratin production


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